Lam Chuan Enterprises Sdn Bhd (“LCE”) is one of the leading suppliers of used offset presses and bindery machines in Malaysia. Over the years, LCE has earned the reputation for supplying quality reconditioned machines for both the Malaysian domestic market and also the export markets globally. In addition, LCE also provide worldwide installations and commissioning of machines based on the customers’ requirements.

LCE’s self-developed unique reconditioning program is aimed at bringing the company to a higher level in rebuilding good quality used offset presses and bindery machines. In our rebuilding factory, Prai Penang, our specialist technicians and electronics engineers prepare the machines to supply customers globally. Majority of our used machines are imported from the European countries and other countries from Asia Pacific.

Our systematic and specialized reconditioning program has enable us to handle used machines of some major brands in the market, such as Heidelberg, Komori, Polar, Horizon, Sugano and Iijima etc. Our experienced technicians are well trained to handle the reconditioning of these machines and together with good team work and systematic planning, we have always provide quality and reliable machines for our customers.

LCE has also been actively sourcing and collecting quality used offset presses and bindery machines from the local Malaysian domestic markets and export them. These used machines are carefully checked by our own technicians so to ensure that the machines are in good running conditions before we dismantled and load for exports. Our technicians are also well trained to handle proper loading and packing of machines in accordance standard export procedures. Over the years we have built up very good dealers’ network in various countries as we have always been careful in checking the conditions of these used machines and accurately reporting the conditions of these machines to our dealers in various countries. We always believe that in our line of business in this industry, truthfulness and honesty play a very big role when reporting the conditions of these used machines so to ensure long term co-operations.

In addition to dealing in used machines, LCE also collaborates with reputable manufacturers of NEW offset presses and bindery machines. Over the years, we have supplied new machines manufactured by our principals in Japan and China. LCE is the sole agent for certain reputable brands, such as Sakurai offset presses from Japan and Shanghai DLG’s range of Post Press machines. Being agent for these reputable brands would require our company to constantly upgrade our knowledge and technical know how of each and every types of machines. Hence we have always sent our technicians abroad to further develop and upgrade their knowledge about the latest technologies.

We have branches in the different regions of the country to service the customers’ needs with service teams stationed at these branches to cater for after sales services.

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